year: 1996

page: 60-65

quicktime movie

The Expanded Chamber: Scoring the Demix

Interactive chamber music installation. "The Message of Music", Palais Harrach, Kunsthistorisches Museum. Vienna. 1996. Christian Moeller and Wilfried Seipel

Within an orchestral performance, the discrete tonal characteristics of individual instruments are not discernable to non-musicians not trained to perceive them. Listeners cannot concentrate on one isolated instrument from an entire orchestra for more than a few moments. The possibility of isolating and intensifying the musical qualities of individual instruments enables the listener to discover new, amusing and fascinating levels of variable acoustic perception during a concert performance. In this project, a touch-screen monitor enables the visitor to regulate the playback volume of individual instruments and to listen to them on their own.

When the music starts, the notes of the given musical score appear on screen and a vertical line follows the progress of the music note for note, for each instrument. Ghostly images of individual musicians are mirrored into the center of the installation space, and fade in and out of view according to listener’s remixing of the score.

Music selection: Thomas Trabitsch
Music: Mutare Ensemble
Conductor: Gerhard Mueller-Hornbach
Programming: Sven Thoene
Recording and sound: Willi Bopp
Video: Anna Saup
Digitalization and synchronization: Hubert Machnik
Hardware development: Wolfgang Schemmert
Screen design: Paul Claessen
Music software: Logic Audio, Emagic

Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuz (String quartet, Josef Haydn)
Johannes Blumenroether - Violin I, Monika Nussbaecher - Violin II, Klaus Opitz – Viola, Bernhard Spranger – Violoncello.

Kegelstatt-Trio (for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, Mozart)
Ulrich Mehlhart – Clarinet, Klaus Opitz – Viola, Daniel Krueerke – Piano.

Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen (Variations for Violoncello and Piano, Beethoven)
Susanne Mueller-Hornbach – Violoncello, Klaus Dreier – Piano.

Chineser-Galopp (Quartet for 3 Violins and Contrabass, Strauss)
Johannes Blumenroether - Violin I, Barbara Kummer - Violin II, Monika Nußbaecher - Violin III, Joerg Schade - Contrabass

Forellen-Quintet (for Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Contrabass, Schubert)
Barbara Kummer – Violin, Klaus Opitz – Viola, Bernhard Spranger – Violoncello, Joerg Schade – Contrabass, Klaus Dreier – Piano.

Verklaerte Nacht (String sextet, Schoenberg)
Johannes Blumenroether - Violin I, Monika Nussbaecher - Violin II, Kerstin Huellemann - Viola I, Klaus Opitz - Viola II, Susanne Mueller-Hornbach - Violoncello I, Bernhard Spranger - Violoncello II