year: 1996

page: 0-0

quicktime movie

Immersive Audio

3D Audio Installation at the ARS Electronica Center in Linz, 1996

The installation enables a visitor to experience a virtual space not only visually, but acoustically as well. Using a Polhemus 3D sensor, the visitor is able to sense and navigate the virtual space with two virtual ears and one virtual eye.
The visitor hears a sound scape through headphones and sees the corresponding graphical simulation of the spatial environment displayed on a monitor. Visitors hear the sounds as though they were standing in the exact position in virtual space that they have chosen using the 3D sensor. This effect is unlike stereophonic sound in that the intensity and placement of the sound surroundings alter depending upon the actual position of the visitor in the space.

Programming: Daniel Schmitt
Sampling: Robert Wacha