year: 1996

page: 148-151

quicktime movie


Interactive painting in The Bridge, Museum of Contemporary Art, New Orleans/USA 1996
Christian Möller and Marizio Seracini

The installation visualizes the hidden layers of well-known paintings, using X-ray and infrared technology, for example the preliminary drawings, the priming and any areas which may have been painted over.
This visualization system appears to the viewer as a virtual replica. It allows the viewer to wipe away each respective foreground by touching the surface of the picture. It is up to the individual to erase their way through the picture layer by layer.
In this way, the observer is able to navigate through the third dimension of the painting and discover a unique image anatomy from an important work of art from the 16th century.

Programming: Edith Spiegl
On loan from:: J.E. Weidinger