year: 1995

page: 54-59

quicktime movie

Fuge for Piano, op. 154

Touch-sensitive music installation. Figarohaus, Musician Memorial Sites, Vienna. 1995. Christian Moeller and Elsa Prochazka.

Because they cannot read music notation, most visitors to the Figarohaus, the former residence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , his exhibited original sheet music is by itself less interesting than other items on display.
The original sheet music of the Fugue for Piano, op. 154 is exhibited beneath a touch-sensitive sheet of glass, fitted within a normal picture frame.
By touching the glass above any given note of the music, the visitor is able to hear it played by a sequencer developed for this installation. In this manner it is possible to play the entire composition by tracing the bars of music with one finger. The speed with which the visitor traces the notes determines the tempo of the playback transmission.

A copy was made for the SIGGRAPH 96, New Orleans, and is now a permanent exhibition in the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn.

Programming: Christian Gusenbauer Pianist: Werner Eder und Ernst Kronsteiner