year: 1994

page: 70-73

quicktime movie

Audio Pendulums

Project for an interactive audio installation on the facade of the Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, on the occasion of the ISEA 94.

Seven 11 meter long steel poles painted blue are suspended in front of the building at 5 meter intervals and swinging in the wind. A video camera mounted outside transmits the swaying movements of these audio pendulums to a computer system. The computer program records the patterns and translates them into audio signals modulating the volume according to the field of movements. Each pendulum is allocated a tonal range on the pentatonic scale. The result is an electronic audio environment which blends the existing natural sounds, such as rustling leaves, the voices of passers-by, street traffic, etc. to generate an integrated audio experience.

Programming: Daniel Schmitt
Sounds: Peter Kuhlmann