year: 1995

page: 88-95

quicktime movie

Audio Park

Interactive and 3D Sound Sculpture. Museumpark, Rotterdam. 1995.

Following Electro Clips, the Light and Audio Park is a urban scale installation that was created in cooperation with V2 (Institute for Unstable Media), Rotterdam. Within an enormous 3D light and sound sculpture, visitors to the public space can themselves generate a collaborative sound collage. The interaction site is a wooden floor measuring 80 x 80 metres, surrounded by eight 12 metre high loudspeaker and light towers. Ninety-six airplane flood lights, attached to the top of these towers beam light down upon a field of sensors set into the wooden floor. During the day, as the visitors walk across the sunlight, or during the night walk in and out of the light beams, they produce shadows and the changing light intensities activate and control the audio system. The resulting sound collage is based on of a large number of radio stations broadcasting simultaneously mixed with composed sound elements.

Sound elements: Peter Kuhlmann
Light design: Louis Philippe Demers
Hardware: Hermann Gruber
Programming: Louis Philippe Demers, Philippe Jean and Daniel Schmitt