year: 1994

page: 80-87


Electro Clips

Dance performance on an interactive stage, TAT Frankfurt and Ars-Electronica 1994

Electro Clips is an installation for ballet which enables a dancer to directly interact with light and sound according to the visual and acoustic symbols of ballet and his expressive choreographic movements.
In his "conducting" of the sensors distributed about the stage area, a parallel environment of sound, light and movement is produced.

Photo resistors set into the stage floor produce a variable resistance depending on the actual amount of light shining on each part of the stage. When the dancer enters the cones of light, measurements are made of the changing composition of volumetric light and is transferred as the control signal to the audio system.

Dance and Choreography: Stephen Galloway
Music: Peter Namlook
Light: Louis Philippe Demers
Programming: Louis Philippe Demers and Sven Thoene