year: 1993

page: 138-141

quicktime movie


Interactive photo exhibition in the Lindentunnel, Berlin 1993

From the dramatic viewpoint of the contemporary observer, the installation in the former subway tunnel at "Unter den Linden" presents historical images of the destruction of Berlin, prior to and after the Second World War.
By moving back and forth across the years marked on the floor, the visitor triggers the display of images of Berlin from the corresponding years. The pictures of the destruction of Berlin match the viewer’s sidesteps, taking the form of leaps in time on the screen.
This "interactive view of history" is generated by means of an ultrasonic sensor monitoring the position of the visitor inside the installation

Sounds: David Dunn and Oskar Sala
Programming: Daniel Schmitt and Sven Thoene

The project was made possible with the kind support of the Preussischer Kulturbesitzs Picture Archive, The Berlin Municipal Archives, the Berlin Aerial Photograph Archives, Art + Com Berlin and Siemens AG, ASI/Gertewerk Amberg.