year: 1991

page: 152-157

quicktime movie


Installation project for a subway tunnel in Frankfurt, 1991

Cinematoscopes were developed at the end of the 19th century and were all the rage at fairs and, in a simpler version, were sold as toys for children. This project proposed the installation of a linear cinematoscope, based on the same optic principle.
Within the tunnel there would be two partition layers. The first layer, which the viewer looks through, consists of a black shutter screen with small slit-like openings at regular intervals. On the second layer, 320 stills of an animation are positioned three meters behind the shutter surface on the tunnel wall, lit by halogen flatlights. The viewer travels past the linear cinematoscope at a speed of approximately 50 km/h and enjoys a short animation at 12 frames per second.
Unfortunately, it proved impossible to realize the project as the city transport authority believed safety was not guaranteed.

Technical consultant: Klaus Bollinger