year: 1993

page: 118-125

quicktime movie

Virtual Cage

Sound space at TAT (Theater am Turm), Frankfurt 1993 and at the Tochoji Auditorium in Tokyo for "ARTLAB-Prospect2, 1997

The Virtual Cage installation consists of a completely darkened room, a pneumatically suspended glass surface platform, moving under the weight of the visitor when walked on. The visitor stands in a lake of light tilting with the movements of the platform, and hears a swarm of insect sounds.
Scanners project the light of two 4-watt lasers horizontally into the room. As the platform inclines, its slant is measured by optical sensors which transmit the data to the computer system, causing the swarm of particles to move through the room according to a gravitational pattern.
The observer hears the virtual swarm, created from samples of underwater insects, change in acoustic detail as it moves closer and further from him.

Programming: Gideon May
Sounds: David Dunn, Peter Kuhlmann and Oskar Sala
Curators: Yukiko Shikata and Kazunao Abe
Production: Shinobu Ito

The project was made possible by the kind support of MBM Metallbau Möckmühl and Bison Lasertechnik