year: 2001

page: 44-53

quicktime movie

Insound Out

Physical sound installation at the Science Museum London, 2001

The installation allows visitors to experience the generation and perception of sound with as much physical immediacy as possible.
The sound is generated by a computer system tracking the visitor's own physical movements in front of a video camera. Embedded in the floor are square gratings, mounted on springs and set in motion by computer-controlled actuators, vibrating in a frequency between 0 and 200Hz.
Unique loud speakers consisting of hemispherical Plexiglas domes project the higher sound frequencies right onto the head of the visitors. In this location, visitors are not so much doing something to sound as have something done to them by sound.

Curator: Hannah Redler
Sound creation: Ludger Bruemmer
Programming: Thomas Lauerbach
Tactile Feedback System: Tillman Freudenberg, Freudenberg KG, Weinheim